About us & instructions to use

Here you will find interesting information on the use of the EOS Aremas debtor service.


What personal information do I have to tell you ?


In order to be able to quickly assign and process your transaction, we need your name, address and contact details such as telephone number and / or e-mail address. Mandatory fields are marked with a *. We retain the protection of your privacy in the collection processing and use of your personal data according to legal regulations.


Why should I specify an e-mail address ?


If you have made a payment on the EOS Debtor Service portal, you will receive a confirmation from us by e-mail.
In addition, we can contact you via your e-mail address if necessary.


How Can I call you ?


EOS employees are available Monday to Friday from 8:15 am to 5 pm at +32 2 508 02 33.


What kind of payment methods are available?


To pay your debt, the following payment methods are available on the EOS Debtor Service portal:

We reserve the right to offer certain payment methods temporarily.


I would like to pay my existing debt by instalments


We would like to refer you to the contact form.


I forgot to pay a rate


If you are in arrears with your instalment payment, you can pay the due rate directly through the EOS Debtor Service portal. All you need is your debt number which you can enter on the start page.


The EOS Aremas employees strive to find amicable solutions together with you.
Please contact us via the EOS Debtor Service portal to submit any suggestions for payment, to ask questions about open claims, to make an address change, to arrange a call, to make other requests or to make a payment.