FAQ : Ask us a question

a) Why did I hear from EOS Aremas?

EOS Aremas wrote or called you because you have not paid a debt from another company. We have been asked to collect the debt on its behalf or have purchased the debt from the company. Our job is to help you find a way to pay your outstanding debt that fits your circumstances and satisfies the company.


b) I have been contacted by EOS Aremas. What should I do?

Doing nothing is the worst thing you can do. If you do not think the claim is correct, please let us know and we will look into the matter. If you know that the claim is legitimate, but you cannot pay, you should still contact us, as we will then try to find a solution with you. If you do not respond at all, you could face additional charges.


c) How can I pay a debt?

You have different options for paying your outstanding debt. Generally speaking, these are:

• One-time payment

• Payment by instalments


d) Why do I have to pay more than the total on the original invoice?

The longer the debt collection process takes, the higher the costs. Creditors may charge their customers for collection process-related costs that are given by Belgian law or were contractually agreed upon. However, consumers might be asked for additional costs related to the unpaid amount (e.g. interests, claims for damages, etc.), which is why your outstanding amount rises over time.

If you do not respond to payment reminders, a creditor has the right to take legal steps. Our lawyers then go to court to get a title (similar to a court decision) that says what you owe and orders you to pay. Getting a title costs money, as lawyers and courts need to be paid for their work. Subsequently, these costs can be charged to the debtor.

Timely contact with us will prevent legal steps and keep costs low.


e) How can I find out if a debt collection company is legitimate?

You could do some research on the Internet to find out more about a company. Most reputable companies are members of associations that set industry standards. EOS Aremas in Belgium is a member of the professional credit association (UPC-BVK) and the Belgian Collecting Agency Association (ABR-BVI). If you are still unsure, you can turn to a consumer advice centre or a debtor’s advisory centre for help.


f) I have received an SMS supposedly from an EOS company. Is it genuine?

Yes, it’s possible. You should respond to an SMS from EOS Aremas by post or telephone to get an answer. The same applies to a letter you may have received. The SMS will contain a telephone number, which you can use to contact us.


g) Can I pay the original seller/provider or do I have to pay EOS Aremas?

As soon as the original company assigns the claim to EOS Aremas, we are responsible for collecting the debt and for any further action. It is therefore no longer possible to pay the outstanding sum to your original creditor; it must be paid to EOS Aremas.